Adam + Ashley | Engaged | Milwaukee Engagement Session

The day of Adam and Ashley's session it was storming on and off all day. Every time I thought it was going to clear up for the night, there would be another round of storms on it's way in. Ashley and I were messaging back and forth most of the afternoon trying to decide what the best plan was. I try not to reschedule sessions due to weather until the last minute. So often the forecast can be wrong, and it sucks when you reschedule and then when the time of the session comes it actually is gorgeous. Luckily the rain did finally clear up, we ended up pushing back our start 20 minutes to avoid the last bit of rain, but then it was the most gorgeous night for an engagement session! 
Though when they scheduled their session, I didn't know I would be moving, it ended up being scheduled for the night before moving day for me; turned out Ashley was moving the next day too! So glad that it all worked out and that they were willing to come out even though it was a busy time, and trusted the weather wouldn't rain on their parade! It was so much fun hearing their story and little fun details about their lives. Even though their wedding is more than a year away, I can't wait! 

Steve + Emily | Married | Artifact Events Wedding | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

Now How's that for a ceremony spot?

Steve + Emily were really involved in designing their menu for their wedding day. They had lots of influences (trips to Italy, etc.) and one of Steve's recipes even made it in for the passed hors d'oeuvres during cocktail hour (it was reallllyy good....I may have snagged one)  
(You can find another menu crafted by Steve at his restaurant downtown Chicago!)

One last tidbit!
I was obsessed with Steve and Emily's venue choice from the beginning. I hadn't shot there before but had seen pictures. I knew the name of the place sounded familiar, but I wasn't sure if it was just because I knew friends who had shot there before. I was chatting with my mom the next day and she asked how the wedding had gone and asked where it was held. I told her the name and I immediately realized there was a really obvious reason why I would know that day. 
My whole life I've known the story of the pier mirror that sat in our entry. My parent's had planned on buying a snowblower for their anniversary (Since they had just moved into a house on a corner lot) But one day they walked into a place called Architectural Artifacts in Chicago to just walk around. They walked around the whole place, looking at all the unique pieces they had and were about to walk out empty handed, but then as they were walking out they spotted a beautiful pier mirror. They decided to ask about it and found out that it was taken out of a mansion in New Jersey. My parents decided that the snowblower could wait because they fell in love with this mirror. 
Growing up, when people would visit our house for the first time, there were two things that we were almost guaranteed to hear from our guests. The first was in reference to our cat, Chelsea, who had a bit of a weight issue....She may have had a few extra pounds...Chelsea would always stand meowing for guests to pet her at the front door as soon as they arrived. "That's a fat cat!" Then guests would round the corner and see the mirror. "That's a big mirror!" Eventually it became a bit of a game for us, we would hear the comment about the cat, and glance over at each other, acknowledging that there was the first cue, then we would wait for the second. 
I've heard the story so many times, I wish I had remembered the name of the store they got the mirror from so I could have kept it in mind while I was shooting! 

Venue: Artifact Events | Hair + Makeup: Liz + Rachel @ Blush Beauty | Florist: Studio AGCatering: Hearty Boys Catering | Cake Artist: Lutz Cafe & Pastry Shop | Dress: BHLDN | Tux: Ted Baker | Bride's Shoes: Keds x Kate Spade | Groom's Shoes: Johnston & Murphy | Groom's Watch: Tayroc | Tie Clip: J Crew