Greg + Erin | Married | The Haight Wedding | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

Where do I even begin?! This day was gorgeous from start to finish. Greg and Erin are such awesome, kind and generous. My morning started with Erin endlessly complimenting each of her bridesmaids, telling them how good they look. Mysi, my second shooter started her day goofing off with the groomsmen, taking silly portraits with the metal statues in the lobby. The awesome people in their wedding party, the ones they surround themselves with, their friends and family, they are a reflection of what awesome people Greg and Erin are.

Oh emotions warning. Maybe have tissues on hand just in case. I really could have used a few throughout this day. So many belly laughs and tears of all kinds were had throughout this entire day.

Okay, first tissue moment of the day. A little bit earlier in the day Greg’s mom approached Erin with a bracelet. She told her it was the bracelet that Greg’s dad, who recently passed, gave it to her on their wedding day. She gave it to Erin to wear on hers. Above is Erin showing Greg. *grabs box of kleenex* It’s fine. I’m fine, we’re all fine.

When you happen upon a farmers market, complete with live music, you dance in the middle of the street. Duh.

Basically every speech came with tears and laughter. Right after this speech from Greg’s mom, Erin looked over at me as I wiped my finger under my eye, she tilted her head and pointed at me and mouthed “are you crying??” NO! Foshure no, totes no emotion happening here! Just kidding. I at least teared up a little bit for probably every speech. It’s fine….

Sometimes Michael Jackson Dance Offs end in ripped pants.

Ceremony & Reception: The Haight  | Hair & Make-Up: Bianca Sansosti Artistry | Florist: Town & Country Gardens | Cake Artist: Molly’s Cupcakes | Dress: Ette Tailor // Mignonette | Tuxes: Black Tux // The Tie Bar | Bridesmaids Dresses: Azazie | D.J.: Sounds Abounds | Associate Photographer: Mysi G. 

Jaime + Alison | Urban Ecology Center Wedding

Almost exactly a year ago I was second shooting Jaime + Alison's gorgeous wedding day with Kelly Grace Photography

It was a bit of an odd August day. It was a brisk, crisp day in the 60s. Not exactly what you would expect at the start of August. I woke up and immediately thought to myself "Hmmm, I wonder if this is what the couple had in mind when they were planning their August wedding". The wedding itself was taking place at the Urban Ecology Center (the Riverside Park location). I had never shot a wedding there, but had always wanted to. The Urban Ecology Center was actually about 1.5 blocks away from my old apartment, but my only experience there was due to the fact that it is my polling location, both times I was there to vote I took mental note that I needed to go back to explore. Luckily for me I got to see more of the center than many, due to the fact that the groom works for UEC! 

The bits and pieces of Alison and Jaime's story that I gathered throughout their day were so beautiful. They met when she was living in Spain (She is from here, he is from Spain) and quickly the reasons for her to stay piled up, Alison ended up staying in Spain for 4 years, until they eventually decided to move back to the U.S. You can hear more of their story (and see more of their photos) over on Kelly's blog here!

One of my favorite details of the day was Alison's dress. Alison said she knew she was taking a chance on a long sleeved dress (even if they are lace) for an August day. But she just loved it so much! So the fact that the day ended up being in the 60s, she definitely could not have made a better choice! It was perfect! 

Jaime had a number of family and friends there from Spain to celebrate, of course his mom! How sweet are these two!??

I mean like....are you kidding me???? This location??? Gorgeous couple??? What?!? <3<3<3

Jaime and Alison opted not to have traditional wedding parties, but instead to each have one person standing at their side. 

Uhm. There was Flamenco dancing. It was awesome.

We ended the night up in the tower with a most gorgeous view of the skyline. 
A big thank you to Kelly Grace Photography for having me along and for being great to work with!