A Peek At My New Branding

For weeks and weeks I've been dying to show everyone what I've been working on! Since September I have been working on re-branding. Refreshing what my brand's look and feel! This took months of internal struggle and a bit of an identity crisis to get to this point. Let me explain: 

So when I started Liller Photo, my senior year of high school, my aspiration was to become a fashion photographer. When I first created a graphic and watermark for my photos I came up with something a bit more edgy to go with the look of my fashion work. I continued to pursue fashion photography through college, and into my graduated life as well. But then I randomly got asked to second shoot a wedding. Shooting a wedding had been something I had put off for a while because the thought of shooting a wedding, honestly, terrified me. There are no do-overs, no "sorry I missed your first kiss, can you do that again?". I don't take anyone's big day lightly, and I was scared that I would mess one up! So when someone, like I said, very randomly, asked me to second shoot for them, I agreed. And I shot my first wedding. It was a bit insane for a first wedding photography experience. It was an Indian wedding, I had never experienced an Indian ceremony before. There was a 4 hour event the night before and 14 hours of coverage the next day. As wiped out as I was that next day, I felt totally exhilarated! The experience stretched me, it challenged me. I shot 2 more weddings that wedding season and I was hooked.

I haven't looked back since. Though I still love fashion, I fell head over heels with capturing real people and real moments. I believe that my fashion background has definitely come with me to my wedding and lifestyle work. But my work and my style has definitely transformed, I am now a sucker for the romantic, dreamy, light-filled photos.

So suddenly I found myself in an odd spot, my photographic style had changed to a more dreamy feel, but I still had this harsh/bold/strong logo. I kept trying to come up with new logos that better lent themselves to my new style, but everything was coming out disjointed. I still love the strong, bold, sans serif fonts that I used in the beginning, but knew I needed something that looked like it belonged with my new romantic style, something that kept everything cohesive. It took so much for me to let go of the old, and welcome the new. But finally, in September I hired a graphic designer to design my new logo. Once that happened everything started to fall into place. 

The one thing I knew I wanted in the logo was a bee. Or a bee hive. Most of you probably don't know this, but I love bees. Weird. I know. But I've always loved bees! If I weren't a photographer I would totally want to be a bee keeper! (I hope to keep bees someday in the future) After I got the first peek of the logo I spent hours and hours walking around craft stores looking for inspiration for my packaging. I say that as if that task put me out....secretly I loved it. So after a couple of months here's what I came up with:

As you probably noticed, my website has also changed! Please bear with me as I have recently transitioned to a new web provider, there may be a few kinks as I get used to it. Please let me know if you are having issues with anything on the website!

Logo Design: Demoiselle Pixel 

Custom Stamps: RubberStamps.net

Honeycomb Stamps: Hunter & Co. Designs