Alex + Becky | Married | Backyard Tent Wedding

When I look back on this day all I remember are big smiles and big laughs! With the exception of a 2 minute period before the outdoor ceremony when I looked at the weather/radar and saw a giant red blob heading our way and had a moment of curiosity as to how this was going to go down (and if we should start sending people to the tent as the safer option) everything else was perfect! Both Alex and Becky were so gracious and kind, and totally up for it all! They didn't let the rain scare them away from having a gorgeous outdoor ceremony! Apart from getting sprinkled on a few times it didn't start raining until after family formals, and after that we were headed to the tent for the reception! Here's a handful of my favorites from their wedding day! 

Becky was absolutely radiant

The bridesmaids used their dresses to block the groom from seeing his bride! They took their job seriously! :] 

Side note/confession time:
I was never the girl that dreamt of her wedding day as a child. I never picked out every detail for what little me wanted for the day I would get married. But I did have a couple things that I thought would be nice, one of those being a wedding under a tent. But not just any tent, I pictured a flowy, airy, tent, I didnt want anything boxy, I wanted lanterns and strings of twinkle lights illuminating it. I also have been loving the trend of having long rectangular tables instead of the usual round. So when I walked in to Alex + Becky's tent I immediately said to myself "This is it. This is what I want." The tent is so gorgeous, the wooden poles, the lights. *drools* 

Since it started raining right after family formals there wasn't really much of a chance to take pictures with just Alex + Becky, which for me is a bit stressful. It was pouring down buckets for a significant portion of the reception so I was starting to get nervous. But then magically it cleared up for about 20 minutes and we were able to sneak away and grab some of just the two of them!