Austin + Katie | Chicago Proposal Photographer

So let's rewind back to 6 months ago, Austin (who I've known my whole life) calls me up out of the blue. He asks me "So, how far in advance can I book you for something?" a bit confused, he continues on to tell me that he is going to propose to his girlfriend and wants me to be there to capture September! Austin had been planning, he wanted to propose on their anniversary, which at the time was about 6-7 months away. Then a month before the proposal Austin & I headed downtown to scope out where he would actually be going down on one knee. He wanted to make sure everything was perfect! 

Katie's best friends and sister met me downtown, while Austin & Katie were finishing up dinner in the city, and set up candles and a blanket for them to sit on. 

To get the full effect, play this before scrolling :] This is the song that Austin played to Katie before he proposed! 

Archer got up in the tree (literally) to hang the tea lights! 
I linked up with Austin the day before on Find my Friends so I could be watching his location so he didn't have to be on his phone the whole night giving progress reports. I started pacing as he got closer, just waiting for him to arrive! If I was nervous I can't imagine what Austin was feeling like! My favorite was a text he sent to me and Katie's best friend in a group message before they left the restaurant: "How is everyone feeling? Because I'm freakin out lol. 😅"

Calling the parents :] 

Got in a few shots of them with the beautiful Chicago skyline before it started drizzling. 

She couldn't get that huge smile off her face! Ahhhhh! They are so cute! And so in love! I'm SO glad that I was able to witness this! Such a beautiful night. So excited for these two! 

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