BIG NEWS! | Two Big Announcements | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

I have been anticipating writing this post for months now, excited to share with the world my next step! I've spent a lot of time in the last week trying to think of what to say in this post, after wracking my brain, still nothing, so I'll just keep it simple:

I will be moving me and my business up to Milwaukee at the end of this year!!!!

So I started telling people about my plans to move at the end of last year, nearly every single person I've told asks the same question:

Why Milwaukee?

So let me tell you why Milwaukee:

1. Milwaukee is awesome. 
I had never been to Milwaukee until March of last year, I didn't know of it's awesomeness till then! I went up to capture an engagement session with Megan & Nick. The next week I grabbed my friend Danyel and headed up to Milwaukee to go on a lil adventure and explore the city a little bit more. I was immediately fascinated by all the gorgeous old buildings and beautiful architecture. There were also awesome converted buildings, awesome unique coffee shops, lots of cool venues......(too many awesome things to list)

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2. It has character
So I've always wanted to live somewhere that has some character. I don't want to live in a cookie cutter suburban, 80's built apartment. Nothing wrong with a place like that. But I've always wanted to live in a place that has exposed brick, or has "old world charm" or has something unique to it. In the area I'm in there really isn't anything like that. The closest location that would have a place that fits one of those descriptions is downtown Chicago. But I'll let you in on a, not so secret, secret: I don't enjoy going into Chicago. Don't get me wrong, Chicago is an awesome city, I love it, I just don't particularly love to be in it. I went to school down there, I loved it then, but after I got out of school my love for being downtown went down pretty quickly. Milwaukee, to me, has the best of both worlds. It has the city atmosphere (obviously not on the same level as Chicago) it has the old buildings, the character, the amenities. But it doesn't have the insane traffic, $500 parking, or the constant chaos/stress (that I feel when I'm in Chicago) Oh and the cost of living is less, so there's that! 

3. Food (read: Cheese)
Okay, I'm kinda kidding about the cheese thing....kinda.... Milwaukee has great places to eat. It has awesome beer and awesome places to drink it. It just seems like a great place to eat, drink and be young!
Danyel and I discovered BelAir Cantina the last time we were up there and it's basically my new favorite. The salsa...oh the salsa. The best salsas (yes plural, you get three) awesome tacos and great margaritas.

3. Almost half of my work was in Milwaukee last year!
Long story short: I was working with someone from Milwaukee that was booking me gigs up there. I ended up doing nearly half of my work up there! And I loved it! I actually didn't realize right away that I might want to move up there. It wasn't until I was driving home from my last Milwaukee wedding of the year that I had the epiphany that Milwaukee would be a cool place to live.  

4. It's not TOO far
I obviously have quite a bit to think about in terms of being able to move. I have an entire business to move, physically that isn't a huge undertaking, but I've built my client base here in Chicagoland, so there is a bit to think about when moving. Milwaukee isn't THAT far. It's 1.5-1.75 hours, totally doable! I can travel down there for the occasional wedding or session no problem. This is also nice because there is no airfare necessary to visit family. It's an easy trip to visit. I also welcome friends and family to come up and visit me! (and then fall in love with Milwaukee and move up there too....muahahahaha)


The second announcement is that I will be going full time with photography! For the last 2+ years I've been working part time as a graphic designer. I've absolutely loved my job and loved loved loved the people I work with. But I'm very excited to be going full time with my business! It's something I've been dreaming of for years. It is an incredible gift to be able to make my living off of my passion. I've been lucky enough to have so many amazing clients that have helped make that a reality! I can't wait to join the community up in Milwaukee! And I am so excited to see what this next year has in store!