Haecker Family | Milwaukee Family Portrait Session

Guys! This family was basically my first “real” clients. I had recently graduated college and really the only people I had photographed were either friends from school, friends from church, or family friends. Everyone I had worked with thus far had been people I had met/known already. The Haeckers were the first clients I had that I hadn’t ever met before, before our session! Dawn and Greg put their faith in my to take their family photos when I was just getting my business off the ground. It meant so much to me and I’m so thankful for them.

Dawn reached out a few weeks back asking if I would be available to do family photos. The date she asked about was a Saturday, for me, Saturdays in the summer are usually booked with weddings, but this particular Saturday, I by chance wasn’t booked! I didn’t realize until they told me today, this really was the only day it could have worked. Cole flew in this afternoon from a trip, and Hannah is back to school tomorrow morning! So glad this worked out, it was so much fun getting to catch up with them.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from their session:

Family Session Double Header

So growing up my family was good friends with the Nelson family. There are 6 girls in their family, of the six, all but one babysat my brother and I! As they got older the next youngest would step in and become our babysitter! So fast forward to September, I get a message from Heidi, and a couple weeks later I get an e-mail from Seija, both asking about family portrait sessions! I was so honored to have them ask me to do this! Heidi scheduled her date first, and when Seija contacted me I gave her my available times and she ended up choosing the time slot right after Heidi's shoot! So I had a Nelson sister double header! :]


The day started out gorgeous and sunny, but by mid-morning it started looking gloomy and I started getting nervous that I might have to re-schedule one or both of the shoots.  But luckily by about 2pm things were clearing up! I showed up to our location and did a bit of walking to find the most colorful trees, and then found Heidi and met her husband and kids (If I had met them before, I was little and couldn't remember!) Right away I knew it was going to be a fantastic shoot! 


So much fun!!!!  I was taking these photos with my own nature mustache! 


I was trying to get them to laugh so I started to ask them if they liked youtube videos and cat videos. I asked if they had seen Maru (box cat) they said they hadn't so they looked it up and gave it a watch. So yes, my job includes making mustaches and watching cat videos. :D


How sweet are they?!?!


We wrapped things up with looking for some frogs by the creek!


By this time the clouds had started rolling in. But the time I made it to the next location for Seija's session it was starting to look pretty gloomy. We tried to get some photos before it started raining.


We got a few in before it started drizzling But they were such troopers and let me keep takin totally adorable photos even though it was raining and pretty cold! 


This guy was cheesin! SO cute!!!! 


(we're planning on trying to grab a few more photos on another day since we were only able to get about 20 minutes in before we called it!) It was so great being able to see both of their families again! They are both so much fun to work with!


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