Cody + Ashley | Engaged

I popped on my computer in search of pictures of Cody and Ashley's engagement session, wanting to make a post talking about how excited I am to shoot their wedding tomorrow. I headed to my blog and started scrolling looking for their session's blog post. As I was scrolling the thought occurred to me "Wait....I don't think I ever posted their session on the blog!?!?!" (and if I did, it got lost in the black hole that was my old website) 

So here I am, the day before Cody and Ashley tie the knot, blogging their engagements! I loved their fall session, the colors were so vivid that day! These two were naturals, seriously. As we were getting started I got them set up in the first spot but told them I just wanted to test the settings/light, and shot off a few test shots, they just talked and giggled while I was doing so. My test shot turned out super cute and adorable because these two are super cute and adorable together naturally!

So without further adieu.... (better late than never right?)

(the shot above, on the left, is the first shot of the day!)

So excited to capture their big day tomorrow! Stay tuned for pictures from their wedding!