Exploring Milwaukee | Personal Post

So the weather hasn't be able to make up it's mind lately. I had missed a couple potential good-weather-days because I figured there would be more to follow...only to find snow the next day. So I decided I was overdue for a good photo walk! I took my camera, a 50mm and just walked toward the lake. None of the photos are award winners, but it was good to get out and snap some pics! 

If I walk directly East toward the lake from my place you find the beautiful North Point Lighthouse! on either side of the lighthouse there is a ravine, I headed down the north path and took the south path on the way home. 

I then found myself on the beach. Guys. I can walk to the beach now. You don't understand how exciting that is for me. It was just so wonderful. The water wasn't that blue today, but it still was gorgeous. I sat on some drift wood and answered emails. So basically the beach was my office today. I found a few things, and acquired a new collection of sea/lake glass. Here's a bunch of pictures of all the things!

I WILL be hitting this place up this summer. 

Fun Fact: One of the men who designed Central Park (Frederick Law Olmsted) also designed Lake Park!

I think I mentioned this in one of my past posts, but one of my favorite little things about Milwaukee is that they stamp all the sidewalks with the year they were poured! So you can see how old the pavement is as you walk! So cool!