Fog + Strobe | Personal Shoot

I haven't done any personal work in a number of months. I've really been aching to go out and try something new. The opportunity presented itself today! I love fog, I feel like as a photographer I have to love fog (and hate's complicated). As I was heading to work in the morning (I work part-time as a designer) the whole world around me was foggy and I was happy about it, I wished I had time to take some photos because I always miss foggy opportunities. And then by lunch time the fog had retreated and I figured that yet again I missed my opportunity to take pretty fog photos. As I was getting packed up I walked into my coworkers office to tell her that I was taking off and out her window I saw that the fog was very much back. I could hardly see past the parking lot! I drove home, texted a couple friends to see if they were available to take some photos, they were busy; I then posted on facebook that I wanted to take photos in the fog, and luckily I have some awesome friends that are up for anything! My gorgeous friend Brittany -the girl on my business cards :) - volunteered to come out and shoot with me. Moments later I had a text from my friend Cam asking if I was going out to shoot and if he could tag along and shoot with us. About 15 minutes later Brittany showed up and was ready to trudge out into the fog to see what we could get. By this point the light was pretty much gone, but I was prepared with my speedlight. How gorgeous is she!?!? 

I'm so glad I was able to go out and not only have a personal shoot, but it be a totally spur of the moment fun shoot with friends! After we got what we wanted we went out and grabbed dinner, and after dinner Cam and I went out to a cool bridge and shot some fun long exposures! What an awesome day! ***ALSO: I just hit 500 likes on my facebook page!!!! I can't even believe that! I could have sworn I just hit 200! Such a cool milestone for me! It really means so much to me that people like my work and want to keep up with it!  I am so thankful for all of you who keep tabs on my new work and keep rooting for me! It has been a really amazing and encouraging week!