Jesse & Jamie | Engagements

I was so excited when Jamie called me up about a month ago asking if I would shoot her engagement photos! Jamie and I have been friends since we went to college together. It was a little nerve-racking to think about photographing a fellow photographer, especially one with as much talent as Jamie, but after moments of the two of them arriving and getting to meet Jesse, all my worries were gone! These two really are perfect for each other! I loved watching them interact. They both are such goofs (there are MANY fun outtakes that I can't stop laughing at!)


Seriously, these two. I had so many "buh-huh-huh" moments because of their cuteness! They are so in love, I just couldn't help it! They would just be sitting there and one of them would say "I love you." "I love you too."Just cause. 


The final shot from the evening! :] I HUGE thank you to the All Chocolate Kitchen for letting us come and take photos inside even though they were closing! They were so nice and helpful! Go there and eat chocolate people! And also to Alina for being a great assistant! I can't wait to edit more of these! More will be posted soon on Facebook! Be sure to "like" my page so you don't miss them!