Joe + Annie | Married

I'm going to start this blog off with a humble confession. I am SO glad Joe + Annie stuck with me! For whatever reason I had the hardest time staying on top of my meetings with Annie. Our first meeting we ended up at two different Starbucks about 35 minutes away from each other. Our second meeting with the venue coordinator ended up in my phone with the wrong time zone (did anyone else have this problem with the IOS8 update???) So I was about an hour late. I felt so terrible! But they stuck with me! And like I said, I'm so glad they did! 

I gotta say, Kuiper's was awesome! Specifically Al the event coordinator! They have done such an amazing job creating a beautiful wedding venue! Everything is gorgeous and meticulously planned out. Especially since this is their first wedding season! 

What a gorgeous setting!!! AH! I can't get over it! Also their florals were incredible! Couldn't get enough of them! 

I meaaaan....*heart eye emoji*

Didn't see that coming! But I'm so glad I was ready! 

I was so lucky to work with Joe and Annie! They were so laid back, kind and up for anything! (They let me take them out for portraits 3 separate times!!! and boy I'm glad they did!)

Venue: Kuipers Farm
Florals: Karen Daudelin Custom Floral Design