Joey + Evi | Married | Independence Grove Wedding

I've always loved TOMS, but the "wedding" white lace TOMS have always been one of my favorites. Also, as much as I make heart eyes at heels, I love a bride that's down to be comfy all day long in a pair of flats! 

It was seriously the most gorgeous spring day! Couldn't ask for a more beautiful setting.

These two were awesome and let us have some time with them before the party went into full swing so we could get some sunset pictures. Boy am I glad they did. It was stunning.

Could we just take a moment here to appreciate whats happening here^
That is glazed donuts being flombéd in bourbon, topped with ice cream and chocolate sauce.... So basically Joey and Evi invited heaven to come for dessert. 

Venue: Independence Grove | Catering: Michaels | Coordinator: Alyson Vondruska (via Michaels) | Dress: Veiled by Cha Cha | Florals: Pretty Things - Bobbi Jindra
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