Holidays in Michigan | Personal Photos

After spending a wonderful Christmas with my immediate family, we packed up to head up to Michigan to spend time with my extended family. Every year we head to my aunts house for "Miller Christmas" but this year was special because not only were we having Miller Christmas, my cousin Ryan was getting married on New Years Eve. So instead of just heading up for a weekend and heading home, we got to stay an extra 3 days with family! I took I always do :] Here are some of my favorites from the week:My aunt could be a professional decorator. Every single corner of the house has been carefully put together. The kids kinda steal the show.Mother & daughter.Among the family there are three nearly identical "daisy dogs". They can be a handful when a delivery man comes to the door. We always get family photos on the stairs!My cousin, Ryan, and his (then) almost wife Erika!Instagram conveniently was doing their weekend hashtag project "#WHPfamilyportrait" while we were there. My cousin Nick and I being fans of instagram (and having worked together to create a featured image a couple years ago near the beginning of the WHP!) we wanted to take advantage of this. Nick came up with the concept of the "selfie portrait" -- which is genious.  I titled these "The Modern Family Portrait" Seemed fitting.

A friend of mine (who currently works in New York City) was home in Ann Arbor for the holidays so I figured while I was in the area I would see if he was available to hang out for a bit before we headed up to my grandparent's house. He ended up being free, we grabbed coffee and he gave me a little tour of Ann Arbor. He showed me this cool little spot called "the Arb". 'Gramin

The next night we had Ryan & Erika's rehearsal dinner at this awesome place called Rojo.Neverending margaritas, need I say more?Ryan & Erika (and Jack) welcoming & thanking us for being there.Best Man.Ryan's 3 new brothers.

I think it was past someone's bed time! :)Erika was having a hard time getting this one out, Ryan had to help her out. "Marianne, it says Marianne"Marianne surprised Erika with a book of letters from all her close friends and family.

Now onto the wedding! (take note that I was just attending the wedding, but I couldn't help but take a few photos!) Big breath in!  The happy couple.After the unity candle, there was the first ceremonial nose blowing. :]After praying together, they had their second ceremonial nose blowing!!! <3Isaac was having a bit of fun. (on the other side of the stage the flower girl was having some fun of her own)By this point people had broken out in giggles because the flower girl had started playing with her dress and was basically half naked on the stage in front of the bridesmaids. Ryan and Erika couldn't see what was going on until she turned around! The Miller's!On to the reception!Erika's dad was having a hard time seeing his speech in the low lighting so Uncle Mike hopped up with the flashlight on his phone!

So Erika, being from Ohio, is an Ohio State fan, and Ryan, being from Michigan, is a hardcore University of Michigan fan. After Erika's aunt did her speech the fight song played and they placed an Ohio State hat on Ryan's head. This was my cousin Roy's (also a hardcore UofM fan) reaction. Priceless. Such a great moment. Erika's oldest brother watching her first dance with Ryan.Isaac watching the balloons to drop with Uncle Mike at midnight!

It was such a great week with family! I loved just being with everyone, I always get excited to go up to Michigan! It is such a blessing to have a family that always loves getting together and gets along so well.