Nick + Megan | Married | 10.04.14

I had been excitedly anticipating this wedding pretty much all year. I had a blast with these two at the beginning of the year, and was so excited to be a part of their wedding day! The whole day was beautiful! Here are a few of my favorite moments from the day:

Megan was beaming in her dress! 

Megan's earrings as well as Megan's sister's earrings and necklace were her grandmothers. So sweet!

All the bridesmaids headed downstairs, while Megan waited for us to set up the first look with her dad (get the tissues ready). She just stood there smiling looking at her reflection in the mirror, just taking it all in. I love those quiet moments!

Megan and Nick had planned on getting married outside, but unfortunately it was about 40 degrees out and raining, so they had to have their ceremony inside. But after the ceremony they headed outside to the garden (in the rain) to exchange private vows with just parents and siblings. 

It was pretty cold, groomsmen huddled around Megan to keep her warm while we did pictures with Nick and the bridesmaids. They looked like penguins! :]

I just had to tell this story, one of the funniest things I've ever witnessed at a wedding:
When the best man started his speech, he dismissed a handful of Nick's friends to the hallway. No one was sure what for, but in this day and age, you're brain goes to some choreographed dance or something along those lines. Well the speech goes on, and he brings up Megan and Nick's new home, how it has lots of character, but it might need some decor. So as his wedding gift he got the happy couple some things to decorate their new home...

Out walk the friends that had been dismissed, with a parade of taxidermied animals. A pygmy owl, a raccoon (in his natural habitat) and a mounted boars head. Can't say I'd seen that before, I guess there's a first time for everything? 
These gifts were hits at the photobooth all night.

I absolutely loved working with these two! They are such awesome people, so much fun and so kind!