Phil + Shelly | Milwaukee Engagement Photographer

Phil, Shelly and I had our first meeting via FaceTime a few months back, ever since I've been excited to meet them in person! Finally Monday that day came! The weather was not being kind that day, Shelly and I were nervously emailing and texting back and forth trying to feel out what mother nature was doing and what it seemed she would be doing around the time of our session. This June has been so unpredictable weather wise, I've rescheduled multiple sessions due to weather/rain already, so it didn't seem far off to have to reschedule yet another session. But luckily, the weather broke up and seemed to be cooperating so we made the last minute choice to go for it! And I'm so glad we did! It ended up being the perfect weather for an engagement session! (I could have gone for like 3 degrees cooler, but that's just nitpicking)

Phil and Shelly were so awesome! Never had any problem getting them to giggle :] 
Phil's dog, Willson, came along for the session. Probably one of the most well behaved dogs I've ever met! Such a sweetheart! 

Here's some of my favorites:

Gotta love a session that finishes up by overlooking the Milwaukee skyline while the sun sets over Lake Michigan. I can't wait for their wedding in December! 

View the entire session here!