Schipani Beach Wedding

Back in July I was honored to photograph Lea & Anthony Schipani's gorgeous beach wedding! The whole day was beautiful! It was a seriously beautiful day out!

Anthony & Lea's daughters looked so very beautiful!Lea's son walked her down the isle.

Her little smile is so  great!

You could see the Chicago skyline over the water! (Also, sailboats!!! <3)

The flowers were from the mother of the bride's garden! So pretty!

I was in love with this couple! They were so in love and they showed that dance floor how it was done! There was just so much love at this wedding!

I also loved watching this couple! A cute story about them too: At the beginning of the reception Ray (the guy in the photo above) came up to me and asked if I had a card, as I was grabbing a card out of my bag I asked him if he was engaged or if he knew someone who needed a photographer and he responded saying "No, I'm not engaged...but I might be soon!" and now I'm shooting their engagement photos tomorrow! (So look forward to that on the blog in a week or two! :-))

Anthony & Lea requested that we take additional photos at sunset! YES! Photographers know that this is such a blessing when your clients carve out a little extra time to get a few more shots! (especially if the first round is in direct/harsh sunlight!)

How adorable are they!!??

I had such a great time at this wedding! Anthony and Lea were so wonderful to work with!

Thanks for visiting my first Liller Photo blog post! Look forward to many more!