Kaleigh + Shayla | Milwaukee Senior Portrait Photographer

Recently I've been thinking a lot about how I approach capturing senior portraits, and the phrase I keep coming to is "Senior Portraits Redefined". Since senior portraits have been around they've always pretty posed, which usually ends up being (especially for seniors in high school) stiff. 
In my mind senior portraits are meant to mark the end of their traditional schooling, and meant to capture the person they are in this stage of life. To me the "traditional" senior portrait doesn't usually capture a senior's true identity. So that's why I want to redefine the senior portrait. Take away the backdrop, take away the rigid posing and just keep it loose, learn something about who they are and do my best to capture it; they will be able to look back and remember the person they were in that chapter of their lives. 

With that, here are two beautiful seniors I captured last week, Shayla & Kaleigh.