Shaping my Workspace

Since I moved in June I've had a desk in my room, but no chair. Very quickly my poor desk became a dumping ground for papers and books, so much so that it no longer had enough space for me to put my computer on it! I recently found a couple new additions to my room that have changed that! The first was a file cabinet. I had a couple small file holders but those were never enough, so I have been on the lookout for a nice used file cabinet, you can usually find them at second hand shops for a couple dollars, but so often they're dented up or dammaged or covered in stickers! But I finally found one that was in pretty good shape! It started out the typical boring-office-beige but I got some matte black spray paint and spiffed it right up. I sanded it down, primed it with some black primer, and went over it with the matte black. I pretty instantly regretted the matte choice. Basically anything that touches it leaves a mark, but live and learn! It still looks much better than it did before! 

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 12.59.25 PM
Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 12.59.06 PM

The second addition was a much needed chair! I had been on the lookout for a cool desk chair for a while (I had been using a folding chair at the last house) but unfortunately I'm not easy to please with this kind of thing. Just any run of the mill office chair is not to my standards. I had seen a gorgeous pair of vintage (50's-60's) white and gold vinyl kitchen chairs in amazing condition for $2 each. It was right after we moved and I knew that they might not be welcomed into the house with open arms haha. I would have wanted to keep them a pair, they would make great chairs for a small kitchen table someday, but as of now I don't have a need for kitchen chairs, just one desk chair. So I passed up on them and immediately regretted the choice. I was leaving for vacation right after that and they were long gone by the time I got home. I still dream about their beauty regularly...Anyway since then I've been keeping my eyes peeled for good chairs but nothing has been quite right. Until Monday, my favorite thrift store was having a sale, so naturally I went in to see if there was anything there I couldn't live without. Lo and behold, a gorgeous solid oak vintage desk chair in black! It was originally $9.99, but was 25%-not bad at all!  I got it home, took it out of the car, set it down in the garage and...a castor is missing...I swear it was there in the store! I sat in it, and I think I would have noticed if I was leaning at a 30 degree angle! So I search my car, can't find anything, I'm starting to panic! Did the castor fall out as I was loading it into my car? Did I leave behind a piece of my beautiful chair on a cold snowy curb where someone probably saw it and picked it up and took it? So I'm sitting there on the phone with a lady from the store (poor woman, the store was super busy and all the workers I saw while I was there were stressing out, and now I'm asking her to go outside in the snow to look for a little castor on the street) and after being on hold for a minute or two I spot the castor hiding in the corner or the now I feel worse, I just made a poor kind lady go out in the windy, snowy cold to look for nothing... Oh well. I got it inside, cleaned it off, polished it up and now it looks beautiful! I've done some research into the two companies that have their label on chair. Both are in Chicago. I couldn't find a whole lot, but the only references to Mead & Wheeler Co. are in the 20's-early 30's! And you can find nearly identical chairs on ebay and etsy for $100-$250! Pretty cool!  

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 1.21.37 PM

So anyway, the presence of a chair for my desk encouraged me to get to work on clearing off my desk so I could actually use the chair! :] Now I've been using it everyday! It makes everything so much easier! I've been trucking away on editing and packaging photos from my recent shoots! I'm very excited to deliver them to my clients! 


These last couple months I've been blessed with so many awesome clients that have my job such a joy! Thank you all for the continued support and love!