Springtime Projects

So I went into Walmart today, just looking to get one thing and then leave...so much for that. First thing you see when you walk in is a whole rack of succulents and cacti. I had looked over the winter at getting some succulents but could only find either really expensive ones or ones that came in packs and I only liked one in each pack. Stuff like that. So I walk in and there's racks of them, tons of adorable, mini cacti! So of course I had to have some. I picked out 3 of my favorites and picked up my one other item and left. Here they are hanging out in my car: But then do cacti need special soil? What am I going to put them in? I only have one window in my room and it's right next to my bed, so whatever pot I get it has to be something that fits on my window sill. So then I run over to the local plant nursery and look around, look at some of their planters, look for some ideas. I ended up finding some cacti soil, but no planter. So then over to Goodwill to see if  I could find anything to put these adorable little things in! I ended up finding a teapot and some cute teacups. So my trip for one item turned into a mission to find an adorable home for my new succulent friends!  Here's what I ended up with:I'm sort of in love with them. The poor things were so dry when I got them, glad I can give them a good home!

I also have picked up another hobby over the last few months: Embroidery! At Christmas time I had the idea of making a sassy cross stitch for my dad. I made the cross stitch for my dad, and one for my brother as well, but then I didn't pick it back up until the last month or two. I started experimenting a bit, creating a design and then trying to execute it. I found a couple books to help me learn the basics, and learn different stitches. But this last week I really started getting into it. I work a few hours a week as a designer, and my boss was going on a sabbatical and she brought some of us flowers (she got me  some grape hyacinth that are on my desk and are getting ready to pop!) so I wanted to make her something as a parting gift. I decided I could embroider her a little something, Then I was hooked! I couldn't stop! So my brother just moved into a new place and he doesn't really have much to decorate with, so I thought of a lyric from one of his favorite bands and came up with a design and ended up with this:  And again, I couldn't stop! I then thought of a lyric from a Brighten song (a very similar line is the Notebook, but I actually didn't know that until my mom told me she looked up the lyric and that's what she found haha) I posted each of these to instagram and a bunch of my friends responded and a couple of them commissioned me to make them  their own custom hoops! So I made yet another one! I have one more to do for a friend that I'm excited about! It's such a fun and relaxing hobby. And I'll probably get calluses on my fingertips and it will look like I'm super cool and play guitar ;) I'm so glad spring is here! I'm excited for spring shoots! Only a few more days left to take advantage of the "End of Winter" sale! Check out the end of the last blog post for more info!