Cody + Ashley | Winter Wedding

There was pretty much a constant level of excitement throughout the entire process with Cody and Ashley. Planning, leading up to the day, day of, driving away from the wedding, editing the wedding, I loved so much about all of it!  Ashley and Cody are so in love, and so stinkin cute! They made my job so easy! 
It was a gorgeous snowy day, but man was it cold!!! 

Ashley was absolutely radiant! 

It was FREEZING! But luckily everyone humored us and took some pictures outside! And I'm so glad they did! They were troopers! 

"Can we take just a couple more outside, I promise it will be worth it!"

Can't wait to see what's in store for these two! They're going places :]

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Denada House

2013 Rewind | Favorite Photos of the Year

Oh 2013, where did you go! I feel like the year was just beginning. I was grumpy because the number "2013" is just so horrible. Now it's officially 2014, a whole new year. I'm not the kind of person that makes lots of resolutions for the new year (I used to try, but quickly realized that I was absolutely horrible at keeping them so I just gave up on even making them...not sure what that says about me :]) But I did want to take some time to look back on what 2013 has looked like for me. This year has been a year of growth. I learned so much about myself, I learned a whole lot about business (the stuff they don't teach in school), I made new friends, and grew closer to friends I already had. I'm so excited for what the future holds. I feel like this year I've watched my business start to really build. I had so many absolutely awesome clients this year that were such joys to work with! I really feel like this last year blessed me with some pretty amazing people. This last year I got knocked down (in my business and in my personal life) and had to pick myself up off the floor, sometimes literally, and keep moving forward. And oh was it worth it!

And now enjoy my year as told by a few of my favorite images from the year:

Thank you to my clients, for being awesome, wonderful and for making my job easier by being sweet, and generous to me! And thank you to all my friends and family have been overwhelmingly encouraging to me this year. You guys have been such a blessing, even if you just said one nice thing about one of my photos it seriously means so much more to me than you know! I can't wait to see what's in store for 2014!!!