Peter + Katelyn | Engaged | West Dundee Engagement Session

Peter and Katelyn have a unique and exciting love story that involved some months apart while Katelyn was in Croatia. I loved hearing them tell their story. I also loved hearing their excitement for their wedding day coming up in December, makes me even more excited to capture it!

(Also, I love how much they make each other laugh! Makes me job so much easier!)

The sweltering heat and humidity actually created kind of a pretty environment —even if we were pretty literally melting in the 93% humidity— it created this haze that was quite picturesque!)

We decided a frozen custard break was absolutely necessary.

Ending the session with some Ministry of Silly Walks business. Because duh.

Olivia | Senior Portraits

With all the rain that's been coming through here this last week I was extremely nervous about the weather for Olivia's Senior Portrait Lifestyle session. We ended up rescheduling once due to the weather, but our rescheduled date ended up having absolutely gorgeous weather, and just generally a fantastic session! Both Olivia and her mom were so much fun, we were jokin' around the whole time. 

Here's a little peek at our session!

At this point we're trying not to upset a highly protective Redwing Blackbird that was dive bombing us.

During our session I noticed how pretty Olivia's eyes are, but then when I was going in and doing editing I couldn't believe how stunning they are! Holy cow! 

View the whole gallery here!