The Neverending Winter

I am not the type of person who hates winter, I complain like the rest of Chicagoans, but I typically have no extreme feelings towards winter either way. But this year has been different. I wanted the same thing that everyone else wanted out of this winter: a white Christmas. That's it. That's basically all I ever ask of winter each year. But as the snow started to pile up this year, at spots piling up as tall as me, I started to feel anger rise up toward the snow and the cold.This is my first winter in a townhome, so I only shoveled once. I didn't have any problems starting my car due to the frigid temps. Nothing notably crappy happened, the winter was fairly kind to me. So I actually surprised myself with how angry I would find myself feeling when I would wake up and look out the window to see fresh snow. I would see the fluffy snow and feel the sudden urge to throw my phone out the window. I think I share these feelings with the rest of you that have had to endure this brutal midwest winter, those who survived the "polar vortex". As a wedding photographer these winter months are dubbed "the offseason". These are the months to rest up before the next wedding season starts. It's nice to be able to rest, but it also is a nerve wracking time wondering if or when the next job is going to come in. I was lucky to have a number of jobs over these last few months. But there were times where I finished all of my editing and didn't have another shoot for another week and I literally finished all the work I needed to get done. It was a really strange feeling, I felt like I needed to be doing something! But like I said I did have a number of jobs, I kept myself going with engagement shoots, band photos and events. I booked a number of summer weddings for the upcoming season (which I am super pumped about by the way!) But as this winter has worn on forever....for-ev-er (think Squints from Sandlot)...ugh! I'm just so ready for spring!  I can't wait to get out and start shooting outdoor sessions without needing 5 layers, a puffy coat, gloves, hat, scarf and hand warmers and without feeling like I'm torturing my clients ("I know it feels like it's 10 degrees out...but could you guys take off your jackets?") I've just grown so bitter towards this winter that I've almost given up hope that spring will even come. Every time it's gotten up to the 50's-60's I've rejoiced but also felt like the temps dropping back down to the 30's is inevitable. Last week it got up to the mid 60's and I checked my weather app and the ten day forecast made it look like the lowest it was going to get was mid-40's and for a slight second I felt hope that winter was over...the next day it dropped down to freezing... Here's a peek at a few of the jobs that kept me going this winter: This was my first snowy session of the season! Little did we know then....We just thought this was going to be a normal winter, not the 3rd snowiest and coldest in Chicago's recorded history... Chris and Kristyn were so much fun to shoot! They were such troopers, it was about 18 degrees out and windy. Handwarmers were a must! I took glamour shots at Mya's 12th birthday! Such a blast! Mya and her friends we're wonderful and gorgeous! 13 Going On 30 was playing and all was right with the world! (for more pictures check out my last blog post!) I was so excited to be asked to cover social media at Willow Creek Community Church's high school winter camp, Blast. I got to photograph, tweet and instagram 1000+ students for an entire weekend in January!There were a number of moments that I found myself at a loss for words.

I shot with Western Sky Band at one of the most beautiful locations! These guys are awesome! I would have taken pictures at this house all day if I could have! The band told me that they had picked a location for the shoot, they had a friend who offered to let them use their house for the shoot. I wasn't sure what to expect. I drove up this gorgeous wooded dirt road and came up on this awesome home and walked in to see beautiful art, awesome furniture and incredible light. I did a fashion shoot with the beautiful Tammy! I pulled out my studio lights and played around with my DIY "beauty dish" (a light modifier for those of you who have never heard of a beauty dish)I shot production stills for J. Oxford Studios for their Global Leadership Summit promo shoot. (You can see that here) It was amazing to watch these guys work! That "blob" was actually a 3D structure, and they had some mind blowing projection mapping going on. (if you watch that video, no that is not CGI or special effects, that was actually projected onto the 3D "blob"! I saw it with my own eyes!) I had a super fun engagement session in Milwaukee with Megan and Nick! I'm looking forward to heading back up there in October to capture their wedding! I liked Milwaukee so much I headed up there at the end of March with my friend Danyel to look at some art!

Today I'm headed down to Lock Port for the first wedding of the season. I'm second shooting for Lilly Photography. I have been so eager to get this season started!

As a reward for surviving this winter together, I'm offering $25 off a portrait session if you book a spring session (for April or May) before 4/19! Just mention that you saw the blog post! I can't wait for the warm weather to come (even though sometimes I feel like this winter is never going to end and it's just going to be winter forever) and for the beautiful flowers to bloom and for the trees to pop! It's a perfect setting to get an updated family portrait, engagement sessions and getting a jump on your senior portraits! You don't wanna miss out on this deal! Be sure to book before April 19th to take advantage of the deal! ***Due to snow in mid-April I am extending the deal till the end of the month! Don't miss out!