Yellow Leaves & Kindness | A Personal Post

So I went outside to snap a couple pictures of my street because it's looking particularly stunning at the moment. I wasn't planning on taking anything spectacular, no hopes of getting an award winning photo, just wanted to take some pictures of the street so someday I can look back and remember how beautiful the street outside my first place was in autumn. While I took this picture (below), enamored by the beautiful contrast of bright yellow with bright blue, I was taunted by a car full of, what I assume are, college age girls. They were stopped at the intersection where I stood on the adjacent sidewalk, camera raised to snap this image. They paused there, then as they turned, the 3 or 4 girls in the car were all mocking sarcastically "oh! Nice camera!" "Oh wow! What a nice camera!"

To address your comments:
Well thank you! Yes! My Canon 5D MarkIII with a Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art lens is a nice camera.

I know that you probably know a lot of fellow college students, or friends, who call themselves "photographers", some of them are trying to be Instagram famous, some may have created a Facebook page for their work, but in your eye's they're fake. You think to yourself how dumb and silly they are. Some of them may just take the photos on their phones. Or maybe you assume that they think they're a photographer just because they got themselves an entry level DSLR. 

Well here's the thing, ladies in the car, there are moments when I share the frustration, the frustration of hobbyists taking mine and my friend's jobs, of people proclaiming themselves as "photographers" and convincing people to trust them with valuable memories, when really they have very little knowledge or experience with the craft. But assuming anyone with a camera falls into those categories, and then deciding to mock someone on the street for no reason? What's the point of that? 

I was once that person at one point. Luckily I started early, so by college enough people took me somewhat seriously. But there was a time when I first got a DSLR, when I was figuring things out, when I didn't know what ISO was, and when I probably seemed naïve to plenty of people. But...

everyone starts somewhere. 

I would rather be someone trying and failing than someone who mocks those who try. 

Because I know being rude, cruel or mean doesn't get you very far in life. Maybe you feel cool driving around campus with your new friends, all laughing together about the girl with the "nice camera" who's a "photographer", but I promise you, building people up is way more fulfilling.

I have been blessed to be raised by parents who believe in me and encouraged me in my creative endeavors. I also was raised in a way that caused me to end up a strong willed person. If I was not this way, and if I was just starting out, I may have been discouraged by their sarcasm. I'm glad it was me. I have thick skin, I've been in the business for 5+ years, and have been full time for a year and a half, I know who I am, and have security in that and can confidently say "I am a photographer".  Had they not been conveniently (for them obviously) driving away as they made their insults, in my head I imagine them sarcastically saying "oooooh are you a photographer?" I would have happily obliged them. I'm sure they would have rolled their eyes and laughed, to which I would offer to show them my business card, and business debit card, and website, and instagram, and blog and taxes and..... (kidding, but like....really tho)=

To those of you just starting out: Keep going. If taking pictures is what you love, and you're willing to put in the time and effort, then KEEP GOING. (I felt that needed to be repeated) Don't give up because someone tells you that it's stupid, or that it's not a real job, or any other stupid excuse. 

As Miranda Sings says, "HATERS BACK OFF"

I had no plans of blogging today. But sometimes things happen and you feel like getting it down on paper. This was one of those times. 

Finally, to quote Ellen: "be kind to one another!"

TL:DR: If you see someone trying to do something good, don't tear them down, build them up.