C L I E N T  G U I D E


If you have a package that includes a second shooter, she/he will be there with you and your men getting ready.

  • Be ready, but not too ready: I ask that you and your groomsmen be showered, have pants and your undershirts on when I arrive. But I also don't need you to be totally suited up when I get there. I want to be able to get some images of you guys putting the finishing touches on your look! If some guys are getting ready at another location, instruct them to get to your location at or soon after/before our arrival time.
  • Compile your details: If you could organize all of your details and accessories in one place (tie, tie clip, cufflinks, shoes, cologne, etc.

Once I arrive I will hang out and grab candid shots of you and your groomsmen getting ready. I will grab pictures of you buttoning up your shirt, tying your tie, putting on shoes, etc. 

  • Have all your details in one place: Like with the groom, I ask that you compile all of your details and accessories in one spot (Bracelets, earrings, shoes, any family keepsakes, invitations/paper suite etc.) If possible, if you have access to all the rings, I can get a ring shot during this time, if not, not a problem, I will hopefully get a chance later in the day to get that.
  • Have the ladies get in their dresses just before you: I usually suggest having the bridesmaids get in their dresses before you get your dress on.That way they're all lovely in their dresses when you make the big reveal to them. If you have a relative/family member not in the wedding party (mom/aunt/grandma etc.) that is helping you get in your dress I also suggest having them be ready/dressed before you as well, so they are done up while they help you into your dress. 
  • Plan accordingly with your hair and make-up artist(s): When it comes to hair and makeup, this can be one of the biggest spots that trip up the timeline. Make sure that your bridesmaids know the price of hair and makeup and decide ahead of time if they are or aren't going to have HMU done professionally. The timeline can get thrown off if bridesmaids decide last minute to get their HMU done professionally. Often the time that the HMU give you to get everything done is based on everything being on schedule, and a set number of people/bridesmaids, and doesn't allow for a ton of wiggle room. 
  • Double check the bridesmaid dresses: Another tip for your bridesmaids, Have them make sure that the hook and eye on their dress is secure. If I had a dollar for every time a hook and eye pops off of a bridesmaids dress I would be able to finance my stationary addiction. 
  • Things to have at the ready: a small sewing kit, bobby pins, safety pins (lots of them) hairspray, Tide ToGo/Shout Wipes. Optional but usually useful: Spray on deodorant, Whisk to-go toothbrushes, mints or Listerine strips, floss, double stick tape. 


Here's the amount of time I usually suggest: 
(as a very general rule of thumb)

  • Wedding Party Pictures: 30min
  • Bride & Groom Pictures: 30+ minutes
  • Bridesmaid/Groomsmen Pictures: 10-15 minutes.
  • Family Portraits: 20-30 minutes depending on how many and how large the groups are. 

If you would like to choose a second/third location outside of/not including your ceremony/reception venues I suggest choosing one that is either on the way between the two, or somewhere within 10-15 minutes.