C L I E N T  G U I D E

D A Y  O F  T I P S:

GETTING READY TIPS FOR THE DUDES: If you have a package that includes a second shooter, she/he will be there with you and your men getting ready. I ask that you and your groomsmen be showered, have pants and your undershirts on when I arrive. If you could organize all of your details and accessories in one place (tie, tie clip, cufflinks, shoes, cologne, etc. Once I arrive I will hang out and grab candid shots of you and your groomsmen getting ready. I will grab pictures of you buttoning up your shirt, tying your tie, putting on shoes, etc. 

GETTING READY TIPS FOR THE LADIES: This is one of my favorite parts of the day, seeing everything coming together, an excited energy in the room. Like with the groom, I ask that you compile all of your details and accessories in one spot (Bracelets, earrings, shoes, any family keepsakes, etc.) If possible, if you have access to all the rings, I can get a ring shot during this time, if not, not a problem, I will hopefully get a chance later in the day to get that. I usually suggest having the bridesmaids get their dresses on before you get your dress on. That way they're all lovely in their dresses when you make the big reveal to them. 
When it comes to hair and makeup, this can be one of the biggest spots that trip up the timeline. Make sure that your bridesmaids know the price of hair and makeup and decide ahead of time if they are or aren't going to have HMU done professionally. The timeline can get thrown off if bridesmaids decide last minute to get their HMU done professionally. 
Another tip for your bridesmaids: Have them make sure that the hook and eye on their dress is secure. If I had a dollar for every time a hook and eye pops off of a bridesmaids dress I would be able to finance my stationary addiction. 
Things to have at the ready: a small sewing kit, bobby pins, safety pins (lots of them) hairspray, Tide ToGo/Shout Wipes. Optional but usually useful: Spray on deodorant, Whisk to-go toothbrushes, mints or Listerine strips. 



  • Your parents might think it's bad luck/not traditional.


  • you get to spend significantly more time together

  • you don't feel any pressure to react a certain
    way, it is a moment between just the two of you. 

  • a perfect opportunity to exchange private
    vows or say a prayer.

  • you can take your portraits before the ceremony
    which usually eliminates the stress of fitting them
    all (wedding, bridal, family) between the ceremony
    and reception. Which often means that you are even
    able to enjoy part of your cocktail hour! 

First Look Myth: If you do a first look it will take away from when the bride walks down the aisle. 
First Look Fact: Doing a first look does NOT take away from when the bride walking down the aisle. Walking down the aisle is a completely different moment. If I had a dollar for every time a groom cried both when they had their first look and when they walk down the aisle, I would add stamp collecting to my stationary obsession. 
First Look Fact: It is up to you. This is your day and you should celebrate it how you want to celebrate it, don't feel pressure to do something you don't want to do. Talk it over between the two of you. Don't let family or friends pressure you one way or the other. This is your day!


How much time do you suggest setting aside for portraits:
Wedding Party Pictures: 30min
Bride & Groom Pictures: 30+ minutes
Bridesmaid/Groomsmen Pictures: 10-15 minutes.
Family Portraits: 20-30 minutes depending on how many and how large the groups are. 
If you would like to choose a second/third location outside of your ceremony/reception venues I suggest choosing one that is either on the way between the two, or somewhere within 10-15 minutes.